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LeapFrog is known for their electronic learning games. LeapFrog Enterprises was founded in 1995 by Michael Wood and Robert Lally. It was founded due to some reading difficulties that Wood’s son was having and he could not find a product that would help his son. LeapFrog’s first product, the Phonics Desk, was released. It was very popular, but its production was cost-prohibitive, which led them to create another product.

Late 1997 was the time that LeapFrog received the backing of Knowledge Universe, which focused on educational products. In 1999, the LeapPad was introduced to the market and it quickly became one of the bestselling products on the market. This became the flagship product of the company.

Many other products have been released by LeapFrog with the goal of offering fun, educational games that make learning exciting. While their products have evolved with the times, they have not lost their focus.

If you want to find a way to make learning fun, you will want to look at the products that LeapFrog offers. They offer a wide variety of different products, including apps for your phone and tablet, as well as videos and books, to let you keep your child entertained while allowing them to learn.

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