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VTech Story

Allan Wong and Stephen Leung, two entrepreneurs, founded VTech or Video Technology Limited in 1976. They first started by manufacturing personal computers and consumer telephones. They made the only 100% legal clone of the Apple IIC computer and were challenged in court by Apple, but won the case.

In 1986, VTech became the largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the United States and in 1987, they entered the market with their first children’s electronic learning aid, the Talking Whiz Kid. They entered the preschool market in 1989 with the introduction of Small Talk and Little Smart Driver, which were very popular.

The year of 1998 saw VTech moving to the top of the educational learning aids product market. Their popularity for electronic learning aids that made education fun has only increased since then with the introduction of the V Smile TV Learning System and ride on toys that gave them growth in an entirely new market.

When you want the latest and greatest in technology for your infant or child, you want to look at the VTech family of products. They offer educational learning aids that will allow them to have fun and learn at the same time with bright and fun products.

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